Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Deleting "Undeletable" Files

Transferred from my first blog. (07122007)

And so I…..

…. tried downloading F.E.A.R. Combat, a FREE online multiplayer shooter game. It weighs in at a hefty 1.8Gb. I got so far as 1.4Gb before my rig, for some unknown reason, decided to splutter and collapse.

I didn’t turn off the effing thing for a full day and a night just for that. Major bummer. My uncle Murphy must be doing a jig right now.

And so I….

….erased the partially downloaded humongous collective of stunning graphics and even more stunning physics. Or tried to. The partially downloaded installer, which was then a bloated mess of 1.4Gb, was deleted immediately. However, its geeky friend, whose shrimpy digital physique didn’t even register in my PC’s virtual weighing scale, refused to budge. It was parked innocuously on my desktop, bespectacled eyes bulging, its slack jaw drooling with a digital innocence that irked me to no end.

I could not delete the blasted thing.

Everytime I tried doing so, the system would complain something about "another person or program is using this file. Please close any program that may be doing so." I was stumped; my PC wasn’t running anything!

Eff. Eff. Eff.

I tried cleaning the registry manually, erasing all vestiges of "fearcombat_en_107", and it did naught. It still sat there like a marble mule. It was Archie’s jalopy, an X-com Floater, a Dawn of War Ork gretchin.

Goliat may have been deleted but Kuling was still there.

And so I…..

….ran out of options.

I swallowed my techie pride and ran off to the nearest helpful forum, Tech-PC. I asked and a helpful member by the name of Hux told me to download MoveOnBoot.

And so I…

….installed it, smashed the marble mule, rammed the jalopy, shot down the Floater, and orbital bombarded the gretchin. The freeware, which I didn’t hear about until now, worked without a hitch. emoticon


I was about to say "worked flawlessly" and so would have saved on the word count. Flawless; it dominated way back in 2001 when the average gaming geek’s world was ruled by cybernetic ninjas and an undead one dressed in yellow garb who sought revenge.

Osang ruined it all.

Flawless. Bleeah.



FLAWLESS. Geek. Haha! Did you try booting your comp in safe mode and deleting the files (although this is a no-brainer)? -- Kilawinguwak

A shit floating in the sea? I thought for sometime that you can remove manually by reformatting… eheheh nah too dang! not a first option.

Well said about the cleaning tool… gotta have that one installed on my 2.13GHZ/512VC/512M PC.

hehhehe way to go! -- Joath

@Mart: restart, regedit, safe mode, even unplugged my connection and switched off background programs >> I even tried the kitchen sink. Nada. Nothing worked.

@John: Urrrk. He’s showing his specs!! (/me runs from the spirit of Michael lol!) When my 8800 ultra arrives, I shall crush, immolate, and obliterate your rig.

I just enjoyed how your eyes popped out just now! Lawl! I jest. No, I am Uncle Scrooge when it comes to buying videocards, if I have the money, my forehead usually crinkles when thinking about buying stuff. Like what it’s doing now the more I think of buying a pen tablet this afternoon. (no, it’s not gonna be more RAM, John, my graphic novel has waited for far too long already haha! —- and Mart’s planned comic strip!) -- Shazbot