Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real Life Nanotech Power Armor

"Execute Order 66."

Well, there's no clone army yet but if you thought military-grade power armor like the ones in Starship Troopers and Crysis are fictional, you need to read these:

Wikipedia: Powered Exoskeleton Exoskeleton Update

Spiegel Online International: Pentagon to Develop Super-Suits

Still a far cry from tossing humvees into the air but we're getting there. Next stop: FTL travel.


Jojavs said...

Definitely a real possibility but were still several decades away from field suits like that in HALO and CRYSIS.

Powered armor is more feasible and cost effective compared to making a giant fightig robot. There's even a company in Japan that made an actual bipedal(somewhat) robot... it's called the Landwalker by the company that built it. It would be cool though if it were really a possibility ^_^

Shazbot said...

Yahoo! It's the military man himself!

Yes, but it's still awesome to know that things like these are becoming reality. :D

Ace said...

It really is amazing the amount of people who have just played crysis and are now searching online to find out if a nanosuit is real and or if they can get one lol.

well you are not alone, id love a nano suit too. but unless you are an ecentric billionaire with oodles of cash to throw at research and development i cant see people like us getting our hands on one any time soon lol.

I live in hope tho :p

Shazbot said...

Haha! Yes, the things we do for video games. I wouldn't want to wear one though --- the implications of why one would want to wear that is chilling (except if you're part of a legit army :P).