Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tips and Tweaks on How to Reduce PC Power Comsumption

"If this won't kill you, your electric bills will!!!" --- The Emperor to Luke Skywalker in a MAD magazine issue as the Sith discharges Force Lightning.

Finally after weeks of searching, I found an article about how to tweak your PC to save power and cut down on the electricity bills.

Here's another PC world article about
Reducing Your PC's Power and Operating Costs.

Take note that, needless to say, I didn't write this article and accept no responsibility if anything adverse happens to your system if you apply what is discussed in it.


Lyndon said...

nice post john! hehehe musta naman ka? comments lang nako pre! if you want to reduce comsumption of your PC just buy intel's new 45nm processor technology it can save more power consumption of electricity compate to 65nm technology. And most of all buy LCD monitor it will also lower your cost of consumption unlike CRT.

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Shazbot said...

How'd you find this blog lol! Kulang na gamers office pre damn!

45nm? I read about that pero "transitory product" man daw according to tomshardware.

I think naa dha na article. Thanks for the link!