Saturday, February 9, 2008

TomsHardware's Intel Skulltrail D5400XS With Quad-Channel Review


And so it arrives, a motherboard with server components. Skulltrail is a dual-socket motherboard that can accommodate two quad-core CPUs.

What does this mean for the enthusiast PC user? In the words of Bert Toepelt of

Combining these two processors yields a desktop performance monster. If we simply added up the numbers, we'd get "25.6 GHz of Core 2 performance" with a total L2 Cache of 24 MB.

That's nothing short of astounding. But wait up, hold your horses as the articles reveal that not everything is as good it sounds. Read up:

Intel Skulltrail Part 1: The Power of 8 Cores

Intel Skulltrail Part 2: Overclocking & Power

Intel Skulltrail 3: 8 vs 4 Core Performance