Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Download Dox Optimised 185.68 Video Card Graphic Driver

It's been a long time since I did a video card benchmark test and I must admit I'm several drivers behind. Although at the time of this writing Nvidia has released their GeForce 168.18, I've decided to benchmark the Dox Optimised 185.68 driver. It might be old, but for some reason a lot of people are searching for Dox's 3rd-party tweaked drivers.

These are also the last Dox Optimised drivers to support Windows XP, according to Dox.

Dox Optimised drivers are known for their streamlined package; they don't have the PhysX drivers Nvidia bundles with their releases. Its creator has also removed several registry entries and the Nvidia tray icon, making these the lightest Nvidia video card drivers. They often don't weigh more than 25Mb (in contrast, official Nvidia drivers exceed the 70-megabyte mark).

Dox Optimised 185.68 is no exception --- the download weighs in at only 20.9Mb.

This one has "Desktop Geforce gpu support from 6-GT200 series."

Download Dox Optimised HERE.

(WARNING: This is a 3rd-party, Nvidia-based tweaked video card driver and is not a property of this site. Nvidia does not support this software. Install at your own risk. )

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Alienware Laptop Video Cards said...

This is great I haven't heard of DOX before. But now I feel its worth visiting your blog atleast I have learned About Dox Laptop video cards optimized Drivers

Shazbot said...

It's the most streamlined Nvidia driver. Thanks for the visit!