Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free K-Lite Codec Pack Full Download Update Version 4.9.0

Compared to the awesome v4.8.5, this K-lite Codec Pack Full version doesn't bring a lot to the table. However, if you haven't updated in quite a long while, I suggest you go to the free K-Lite Codec Pack Full download page and get this update. Version 4.8.5 was a must-download and this one still has the same superior bass and treble separation that the former had. I've also noticed that cymbals surfaced more in my audio tracks with this one.

And yep, as I've mentioned countless times before, K-Lite Codec Packs are free and downloadable.

Shattering glass never sounded so good.

This version's rating: 3 (rating system: 1 - no discernible changes; 2 - changes in audio but it could be just my imagination lol; 3 - distinctive changes; 4 - a must-download)

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