Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downloadable Full Version Freeware Turn-Based Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI August Development News

This downloadable full version freeware turn-based strategy game may be a WIP but nonetheless I'm actively following the development of UFO: Alien Invasion v2.3 --- being an X-Com inspired game, it hammers flat most of the retail games out there in the gameplay department.

The August progress report and what this X-Com-inspired free, turn-based strategy game is all about after the jump.

Some of the changes/tweaks/fixes:

  • Fixes and improvements to campaign, including research fixes and balancing, transfer system, pilot assignment and large scale economy balancing.
  • Lots of UI fixes and improvements, including widescreen related fixes, battlescape UI fixes, smooth 3D geoscape, transfer & hire UI fixes and improvements, updated geoscape layout, aircraft equipment screen fixes and improvements and Ufopedia improvements and fixes.
  • Battlescape fixes and updates, including several crash fixes, electrolaser damage fix, actor centering, updated radar, improved performance and interactive radar.
  • Geoscape updates and fixes, including installation fixes, base defence fixes, fired projectile displaying fixes, more informative messages, improved selected UFO indication in 2D geoscape, multiple crash fixes and more messageoption categories.
  • AI fixes.
  • New textures, models and model skins, battlescape radar images, particles and sounds.
  • Simplified battlescape radar map creation process.
  • Implemented UFO yards.

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