Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Gigs!!!

I was walking one rainy day last week and I came upon this little critter all drenched in the rain, its fur plastered over its small but healthy frame. It was staring sorrowfully at a puddle of water that was mere inches from its whiskered face.

It carried a brown shoulder bag.

I stopped short, amazed. It saw me looking at it from the reflection in the water. Slowly, it looked up at me and said, in a nonchalant manner, "hai." Its expression mercurially turned into one of amusement and --- of all things --- cockiness; as if it knew (and rightly so!) that it had me mesmerized.

OMG, a talking furball! I quickly looked around but not one of the pedestrians had heard. I quickly scooped the thing up, put it in my bag with only its head poking out and headed back to my flat. I gave it some warm milk, rubbed it dry with a clean face towel (won't use it again), and stared at it. It stared back.

It stretched on the table in quite a bored manner. And then --- it spoke again.

"Eets tyme to repai u" it said. Before I knew what was happening, it scampered to my PC, slid the side panel open with a deft twist of its front paws, and squeezed in. The case toppled over but before I could shriek to all the gods of gaming, it poked out its head from the rear panel. It smiled at me and said:

I won't be posting until maybe Friday. I'm enjoying the improved graphics of my games at the moment. >)__)

(The picture is NOT mine. A friend gave me this pic so I don't know who owns this one. Lolcats? Please contact me if you do not wish this picture to be displayed on this site.)


Anonymous said...

hahaha, i love it gaaaw!! it's better than those pesky ants my officemates unwittingly fed (or could be my pesky officemates and the unwitting ants) on their computer tables and started a colony from the keyboard interior up to the hard drive. cost the company when it should have been charged to their hours on overtime.

Shazbot said...

Gaaaaw! Oi kumusta na? Haven't heard from you ever since those neighbors woke up Slaanesh. The neighborhood's a mess and we're trying to wake up Khaine the lazy bum. I told him not to drink too much last night. :D

Text me one o' these days --- u've become as reclusive as an Eldar Harlequin!

Chibi said...

Yur post iz okai akshuali.

cagayan de oro hotels said...

i love Lolcats, john! didnt think you had that pet lover thing going in you though :-p

Ildamos said...

Haha! Do you know we once had a cat that we named "Hail Ming!!"? Yes it's a sentence. :D