Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cloverfield vs Dawn of War 2's New E3 2008 Trailer

[This is an incoherent article. The fan boy in me is gushing. Dawn of War ROCKS!!!]

I just watched Cloverfield with my wife. The movie is awesome. And if a movie is awesome, I typically just sit and do nothing else just to relive moments of it in my head. This time though, I made one simple mistake --- after the movie, I searched for the new trailer of the real-time strategy game Dawn of War 2 in Youtube and watched it.

All thoughts of giant marauding aliens got wiped from my mind.

The video for the very first Dawn of War game has been likened to the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan what with the visceral battle it depicts.

This one raises the bar several notches higher. Eldar rangers, Space Marines, Howling Banshees, a Dreadnought, an Eldar Farseer, and a teleporting Warp Spider duke it out in a 35-second high-quality video. It's the first time so many units have been given life with CGI that has been painstakingly made.

It was, I dunno, it was a religious experience watching that Warp Spider charging at a 'Marine all the while evading enemy fire by intermittently teleporting as he ran towards his target. And oh yeah, Howling Banshees with their amazing fluidity and their brain-jarring sonic screams (and their equally mind-eroding 38-24-32 body armor) --- sexy!

I'll post it here when I have the time to detail each race. This weekend mayhap.

Relic Entertainment rocks!