Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tom's Games: Diablo III Fans are Protesting

[A "Shirak!" gone awry.]

So you think that what with all the hubbub surrounding the long-awaited sequel, all is well? Wrong. According to an article by Devin Connors, many of the fans of the series have taken up arms and mana potions against the new direction the upcoming game's art has gone to --- Azeroth.

Yep you read me right, Azeroth.

Fans are dismayed by the overly bright color scheme the second installment currently swathes itself in. It's like Yawgmoth has mistakenly overlaid World of Warcraft on a Diablo game instead of Rath on Dominaria. Only a true-blue, die-hard Diablo fan will be able to immediately see what is amiss with Diablo III. The rest of us --- yours truly included --- can only gape, drool, and say "oooh, pretty lights" --- much like one of the wayward D20 players here in the 'hood who apparently has AADD judging from the way he fails to show up nearly every blasted Sunday.

Anyway. Ya, Diablo.

The first time I saw its screenshots I was like "OMG! Nice!" The pics were pleasing and cool to the eyes. But that's exactly where the problem lies. Looking back at the whole scenario now, those pics could fit snugly in sun-bathed games like Titan Quest (the level where you wander in fields of grass) and Lords of the Realm III.

The article has comparative images in it. The first a screenshot and the second, a concept art done by a fan.

Blizzard, Teriel is not guarding the world from Jaina Proudmoore or from forest trolls; he's gonna go against the forces of Diablo and his ilk. Bring back the darkness!


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