Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PC Power Supply Roundup


Ever since I wrote my "HardwareSecrets Article: Generic vs "Branded" Power Supplies" article, I've never really given much thought about it afterwards.

The reason? Financial.

Branded PC power supply units cost a hefty 5,000 smackers (or more) here in our country so buying a PC power supply unit for my aging gaming rig is out of the question. However, the quest for knowledge can never be slaked so I found myself surfing again for budget PC power supply units.

Given that just slapped on a measly 380-watt PC power supply unit for its budget gaming PC build , I figured a 500-watt PC power supply would more than do for the low-end budget gaming PC I plan to purchase centuries from now (when Warhammer 40,000 Eldar will have made planetfall on Earth and extinguished all Orks on the planet, gretchins and spores all).

Surprisingly enough I found three:

Enermax PRO82+ 525 W

Antec EarthWatts 500 W

Corsair VX450W (which was discussed in a previous article of mine)

All of these babies sport power efficiencies that surpass the 80% mark.

Heck, if the number of years that I have kept my aging PC is any indication, I think the next one will serve me for more than three years. Waaaaaaaaay more than three years.

So hell, why not spend a gazillion smackers for something that's more power-efficient than the generic $|-||7 that every PC shop doles out to oblivious customers?

Furthermore, these babies are under the $150 mark.

Take note that those PC power supply unit reviews have been made last May 2008; there might have been new ones that have popped up during the interval.

Also, please take note of the connectors each one has and make sure they suit your needs if you decide to purchase one of those.