Friday, April 18, 2008

An Article on How to Build a $500 Budget Gaming PC


I got tickled with a Tomshardware article about how to build a sub-$500 gaming personal computer. It has some of the components I mentioned in my "Budget Gaming PC Build" article, (motherboard and CPU) though there's no dice about a match in the video card department, especially since I made that article for my friends who kept asking me questions about "what's the best gaming desktop PC for us?" These are friends who stubbornly refuse to go beyond the 400-dollar mark, saying that "we're content with 1024 resolution and an average of 50 or so frames per second."


They never actually said that but I got the message. No Crysis at stratosphere-high settings. No will to become the next F@t@l1ty. They just want to game without being a hardware geek.

Then there's the mark-up in prices here in my country; everybody has got to make a living so unless prices are going to drop drastically within the month, no all-shiny, drool-over-it GeForce 8800GS is going to find its way in my article at the moment.

Here's the link: - $500 Gaming PC: Day 1, Component Selection

Here's the continuation: - $500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing and Analysis

And to think I made my article last February 17.

Really pleased indeed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Tom's harware article just like the one I wrote Jan 1, 2008. That makes me feel really good.

Shazbot said...

Thanks for dropping by! I plan to erase the 8800 options in my article though. The 9600 GT, with its price, is the better choice for low- to low-mid-end users.