Friday, April 4, 2008


Been had.

I just belatedly realized it but I have just been had. I got Rickrolled. And I'm not the only one. Here's AceDotCom's experience:

Seen it? Got it? Good. Now watch this video by Linguica:

The BFG owned hard.

And there's going to be a company-wide sportsfest this Saturday. I chatted with my supervisor, said: "Li, can I just jog? Cos I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about badminton, basketball and volleyball. If I join those events, my dreams of becoming a stand-up comic will instantaneously be granted."

Shazbot persuasion skill: 0

Put me in a reef with water depths up to 10-20 feet with only a snorkel and I'd be happy. In sports, swimming is all I've ever been interested in. In fact, one of my wildest dreams is to get coiled by a giant moray eel, squeeze it to death, and get to brag about the inevitable scars that would be engraved on my forearms and legs. For several summers I've been deliberately reef snorkeling alone. No dice though. Fishermen ate them all, including those cute, tiny lobster-like things that scatter from their holes when you swim by. Tsk. As it is I am ---

Doomed. I am doomed. My only consolation is that Soren, the Erotic Gretchin is too.