Monday, April 21, 2008

Where to Place Map Files to View Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Replays

NGL One: Source for Professional Warcraft III Maps

It just shows how new I am to this whole competitive Warcraft III: Frozen Throne scene. (Not that I'm planning to being one of the best lol; I have a day job AND a family --- two factors not conducive for practicing everyday. For the record, it's been two weeks since I last Mana Burned someone. Sad.) I tried watching a Moon replay and the game won't start complaining about some missing maps. I asked about in the forums and a member named Worpex directed me to the NGL One download page. (Thanks man!)

It's a site about professional gaming. Interesting. I'll browse around when I have the time...

Here's the page where you can get the WC3 Map Pack Season 2008.

Here's an error message one may see if he doesn't have the map necessary for viewing replays.

Take note of what the error message says. Once you have downloaded the necessary map, put it in the location stated by the message. The above says Maps > Download so I put the map (in this case it's "NGL-S08-TS.w3x") in the download folder. However, some replays strangely look for their maps in unusual locations. In the picture above, I had to create the path "Maps > Download > NGL > NGL > NGL > SEASON08" as the game was looking for maps in that location.

I finally got the replay to run. I notice immediately that the loading page had been altered. Soccer and Reign --- two names I frequently see in good replays.

A personalized banner! Cool. How do you make one?

It's amazing watching these pros play. Here, the Night Elf player was outnumbered but he beat back his Undead opponent in this early game skirmish.

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Anonymous said...

i tried this and mine will not work.. im trying to view this replay and it requires
Maps\NGL\Season6\NGL-Season6-EI.w3x, i downloaded the map pack of this from the link on this post and it still will not work, i tried the pathing it told me on my error and it still doesnt work, please help
Maps\NGL\Season6\Maps\NGL-Season6-EI.w3x is the error i get and its the same as the map.. so im lost

Shazbot said...

This is an old post; the maps there might not be the one you're trying to download. Try asking around in WCReplays forums. Also, if memory serves, the map comes with its own path instructions. Follow them. Hope this helps.