Thursday, April 3, 2008


These are the faces I wanted to see for a loooooong time:

Yeah baby! Darryl's back!

My 7300 GT 512Mb just arrived. I'm back in the game.

Definitely. Back in the game. Yes. Honey, bring out that P90.

And well shyeeeet, as if on cue, Amped brought out presents for me! Yep, that's right freeware fans! That's bloom alright. Some of the shaders in War Rock have already been implemented. I've been gone a few weeks and look what happened to the house.

Another bonus leapt out at my face as I unpacked the card in the dead of the night too: the thing didn't come with an installation manual! I thought the thing didn't require external power and there I was standing stupefied over what I found: mismatching connectors!

A newbie challenge fit for a PC newbie!

The card has a black rectangle in its upper right corner and a thingamajig that was bundled with it that looks similar to THIS. What mystified me was the mismatching pins; my PSU has 4-female pin molex connectors and the thingamajig has only two, THREE-male pin connectors. In contrast, my old card, a 6600GT, came with a 4-male pin connector on its right edge ---- it was a simple matter to connect one of the 4-female pin connectors from the PSU to it as per the instructions on its box.

It's frightening what a man crazed with two weeks of FPS withdrawal can do. I researched till dawn.

I found a YouTube video about a similar card with superior DDR3 VRAM and half of the memory, but to my wife's impish delight the said video didn't even go into detailing how to install the darn thing. Finally, I turned to the Tech PC forums and explained my predicament --- it was my first time handling a video card with this kind of connections and I was at a total loss on what to do.

A veteran member named DASQ finally told me that it's okay to plug the 3-male pin connector that came with my video card into the 4-female pin molex connector of the PSU, which I did.


Thanks goes out to the helpful people of Tech PC, especially Lone Wolf, Hux, and DASQ, who have helped me several times already.

And again, hugs to these people:

Man, integrated graphics don't show pictures of them. They ARE long-lost relatives.

Now what am I doing with this MP5? HONEEEEEY....


jeedo said...

Hi John, just curious how much for the card and where did you buy it?

GamesMasterJoath said...


Hehehehe... spam lang ko!!!

Shazbot said...

@Jeedo: 3.5K PhP. Don't get fooled by its 512Mb. It has only a core speed of 400Mhz and a mem speed of 700. It's not much, not by a long way compared to my 6600 GT but I figured that why by another one? The last one got bottlenecked by my mobo and although it performed well, it wasn't able to use its full potential. So I got this one instead. I have yet to test it how it fares with AA activated. :D Theoretically, this card should perform better than my 6600GT with several eye-candies turned off due to its memory. Once I crank up the AA and the Anisotropic settings, I expect its 400-700 combo to pull it down relative to my 575-1050 6600.

Shazbot said...

@Joath: Due to the reasons stated above, I think it's more of a "condolence" than a "congratulations!" We'll see though, I'll keep you informed. Thanks for spamming! Always welcome. :D