Sunday, April 27, 2008

War Rock April Goodies: Promos, and a New PX Item

A whole cache of goodies for the end of the month of April

There's a new PX item that increases your Stamina Points by 10%. Hmm, useful but I'd prioritize guns and other more useful PX items than this one.

What the---?! Knives?! A promo with knives? What about when the promo ends? These are going to become premium items too methinks. Not so useful for me; I so rarely find opportunities to use my fists --- at the end of the day, guns and vehicles win deathmatches, not melee weapons.

Knife, its like a knife... (Bleeargh! '80s song!)

Dundee should be envious of this!

Last but not the least:
A sale! Yay!

That's right, trooper, everything must go: