Friday, April 11, 2008

Nexuiz 2.4 Screenshots

Bloom, Anistotropic Filtering, HDR, Bump Mapping, Quake first-person shooter action, the whole nine yards...

... for free.

I gave Nexuiz 2.4 a go and played with it a bit offline. I turned on bloom and HDR as I'm really curious what the devs in Alientrap have come up with their latest version of their freeware first-person shooter. Even ignoring the fact that this game is freeware, this game definitely does not disappoint:

Two bots duking it out. Notice the blood and gore spatters on the ground.

Notice the bump mapping on the grenade launcher.

Frenetic first-person shooter gameplay is the rule of the day. A bot takes a plasma hit and splash damage from rocket fire and literally disintegrates.

This is one of my favorite shots. It shows a grenade arcing towards a target bathed in the light from plasma fire.

This, catching a plasma bolt full on, this... this is messy.

Another picture with stark contrasts.

An AI adversary misses while a health power-up respawns behind it. I'm holding the Wand of Shotgun Pellets as I jokingly call it. The weapon looks awesome when viewed from the front though.

Gotta love HDR. Too bad it puts me at a disadvantage when playing in multiplayer.

Yep, in multiplayer, you need all the frames you can get. This could happen to you.

You can download Nexuiz 2.4 HERE though 2.4.1 is fast coming up.

Kudos to my wife for taking the screenshots using FRAPS. Thanks for putting up with the Ethan McManus and the Tycho Erasmus Brahe in me. (Grin. Grin.) I am a lucky man.


Tyler Mulligan said...

Cool man. Good posts you got here, looks like you certainly enjoyed yourself in game :D.

Little tip. Nexuiz has a built in demo system so you can record demos and play them back later more on that here:

also, f12 for screenshot straight into your Nexuiz data directory.

Shazbot said...

Thanks for the tips! To date, IMO, Nexuiz has the best graphics in the Quake-powered freeware game department.

It's impressive how they implemented bump-mapping in the game.