Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Freeware Multiplayer Shooter: Halo Demo

So I downloaded the Halo demo...

Well, being a demo, it's not really a freeware multiplayer shooter but it does the job. It contains the "Silent Cartographer" level and Halo's multiplayer shooter component.

I played around for a bit and yes, it IS Halo. I was expecting some eye-candy cuts here and there but for all purposes, it IS the game. And while those who have never played Halo before will definitely want to get the full version asap (it IS Halo THE game after all), the multiplayer shooter component is definitely a keeper for those who have yet to purchase the award-winning game. (There were some connection glitches but I think it's my damned Wi-Fi.)

The report page doesn't display scores but heck, I had fun:

Don't mind the name lol! It's a private joke.