Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Gameplay: Night Elf Mirror Match in Echo Isles ("Normal" AI)

I made two videos showing Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne gameplay. The videos - which total 13mn 56s - show my meager micromanagement skills against a "Normal" AI (Gaaaah! How does Moon do it?). (Edit: Whoa the numbers changed! What's up with YouTube? Meh.)

These are not meant as comprehensive Night Elf strategy guides since I am very much a beginner at Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne; I just uploaded these in YouTube to remind me of my mistakes.

If you're a total beginner, you might get a tip or two here (like using the Ancient of War as a tank when creeping). If you are a vet, have a good laugh:


  • Ancient of Wonders erected too late (the Staff of Preservation is very much a standard item for Night Elf players)
  • Not using items from the Goblin Merchant (Boots, etc)
  • Not shifting targets when the AI dances a critically wounded unit from the front (chasing a unit down will collapse your formation into the enemy lines. Very bad if you're going up against an enemy using strong melee units)
  • Not expanding early
  • Rushing a Night Elf base is a very bad idea. You can of course, pick of a few wisps if the enemy army has wandered far but fighting a protracted battle near their moon wells is a disaster in the making.
  • Setting the rally points of unit-producing structures to a hero who has gone home to heal/buy items. Always transfer the rally points to the hero who's/that's (things not human mwehehe!) laying down destruction on the enemy front! Reinforce the poor sucker in front!
  • Not switching off the Naga's Ice Arrows ability when there are no more enemy units alive (waste of mana)
  • Not using Fork Lightning often
  • Too slow in destroying enemy moon wells
  • Too slow in pulling out a critically wounded hero
  • Too slow in staffing (Staff of Preservation) out units
  • Using a Scroll of Town Portal when I could have just left my army at the enemy base while retreating my Demon Hunter
Constructive feedback (whether positive or negative) are very much welcome.

Again, how does Moon do it? Gaaah.


StarMars said...

Nice videos. What program did you use to record your games?

I want to record my games too.

Shazbot said...


I registered ($30) my GameCam demo and downloaded VirtualDub, a free video editing software. Somewhere in this website is a post containing links to VirtualDub tutorials. (Google for "VirtualDub tutorials Imbacore.")