Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI February Development News

User interface improvements yay!

The folks developing UFO: AI, a Quake 2-based, sci-fi freeware strategy game, have released updates for February. Some interesting points:

  • A lot of UI updates and fixes, including new recruiting window look, multiplayer UI updates, mouse handling, language selection, pilot assignment, aircraft menu changes, statistics charts, tooltip related fixes, UTF-8 fixes and initial changes for better widescreen support.
  • Translation updates, including initial Dutch translation and updates to UFORadiant translations.
  • A lot of new checks in the mapping tools, which in turn lead to...
  • ...a lot of minor fixes and improvements for maps.
  • Improvements to multiplayer team creation, including alien teams and team saving.
  • Included Thai fonts for platforms that don't have them.
  • Music updates.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Game mechanism updates - interceptors can no longer carry soldiers, base mission is lost if there are no soldiers, soldiers can be equipped before base attack without aircraft and more weapons available in multiplayer.
  • Fixes to concurrent sound playing.
  • Fixes to console tab completion.
  • Fixes to the battlescape HUD, including reaction fire, firemode selection and reload button activation.
  • Geoscape fixes, including crashed UFO loading.
  • Dirtmaps added to some textures.
  • Savegame format changed to XML, using bundled Mini-XML. This should reduce savegame breakage rate in future.

Updated color scheme and textures! (This image is not mine and is the property of the UFO: AI developers)

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