Thursday, April 14, 2011

Defense Grid: The Awakening: Two Free Tower Defense (TD) Maps

The most recent (April 14) patch release by Hidden Path Entertainment adds two new maps for their critically-acclaimed PC tower defense game (TD), Defense Grid: The Awakening. One is Portal themed and---get this!---features GLaDOS (well just her voice anyway) while the other has got something to do with this whole PC games bundle that's being featured on Steam.

I don't get this whole potato thing.

That's GLaDOS talking right there.

And who the hell is Tony?

Anyway, the patch changelog and links to pictures of the new free PC tower defense maps after the jump.

Defense Grid April 2011 Portal 2 ARG Updates:

  • Two free new and original Defense Grid Levels with new voice acting and story.
  • Portal's GLaDOS invades the network and brings a new style of level design to Defense Grid.
  • New computer console off the main menu. Poke around in the old computer archives, try out puzzles, and learn some DG back-story.
  • Tesla towers now recharge faster and do more damage.

April 13 update:

  • CHAS level is now unlocked for everyone!
  • Recruiting is still important, so keep it up.
  • Tony has one more trick up his sleeve
  • Three more clues to find

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MrKirby said...

Portal 2 was amazing!! I finished the single player campain, was good =D

I wonder if they had the voice actor for Glados do the voice, or auto tune it themselves

Ildamos said...

Yep, in the trailers, she still sounds the same.

Maybe they hired Ellen McLain again. :D