Friday, April 22, 2011

Downloadable Free Full RPG Game: Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall (Skyrim Prequel) Mod

A ModDB member, LuciusDXL, has started making a mod for the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim prequel Daggerfall. Titled "DaggerXL," the mod aims to port the game to the Windows environment. It will:

"fully emulate the game of Daggerfall and then optionally enhance it by refining existing features and adding new gameplay elements that were originally intended. The game will make use of hardware acceleration providing higher resolutions, color depth, greatly improved visibility, better texture filtering, enhanced performance and more. "

While the the mod is still in development (the developer is planning to release v0.20 in the next few days at the time this was written), you can download the full version of the freeware Elder Scrolls role-playing game from the Daggerfall official site.

The links to the game and the modification webpage after the jump.

It's shaping up quite nicely.

>>> Download the free full RPG game HERE.

>>>The freeware PC RPG mod's ModDB page