Monday, July 13, 2009

District 9 High Definition Trailer

Always we have seen science-fiction movies depict aliens as the all-consuming force, plundering entire star systems---including our little planet---for resources. This one took me by surprise; the wiki entry here says that the aliens are refugees and it's us that's doing the behind-kicking. That's a very cool twist, something I didn't see coming --- and one that makes me wonder why no one thought of this before.

What with the lockdown, the high-technology, and the sense of oppression that's prevalent in the trailer, this one reminds me so much of a certain PC first-person shooter game that I half-expected somebody to walk down the street in real power armor and a crowbar.

District 9 is being produced by Peter Jackson, the same dude---for those who don't know---who produced the LOTR saga.

And "District 9"; that's almost a dead ringer for "City 17."


Rhilanthos said...

Niiiiiicccceee find dude!

Shazbot said...

Thanks! Now play Half-life 2 so you can understand the comparison.

Rhilanthos said...

Lol. I played HF2 but didnt complete it. It was during those counter-strike days. If I do recall the story, I think the "collective" was the one who controlled earth right (short-term memory loss) ? Anyhow, how is everyone at the office?

Shazbot said...

Uhm no, HF2 was released sometime during 2004-5 if memory serves. It wasn't during the "CS days."