Saturday, July 4, 2009

Download Free Full Shooter Sim Game: Star Wraith: Shadows of Orion

So with a whole sack of salt I downloaded this 9Mb freeware shooter game called Star Wraith: Shadow of Orion...

...and had my skepticism blown to smithereens by pulse lasers.

At 9Mb, I didn't expect much from this freeware full shooter sim game. When I installed it and listened to the minutes-long tutorial though, I realized there and then that this little baby has more than just flash from starship drives and space pewpew prevalent in wannabe games that just coat themselves with eye candy and throw everything else outside the nearest warpgate. Free full shooter sim game Star Wraith: Shadows of Orion has (nearly?) all the complexity that serious space sim fans crave for.

This game has controls for making your space fighter strafe, spin left and right, give orders to squadmates, allocate power to your shields and weapon systems, activate jumpjets, and drop electronic countermeasures at incoming missiles. Panels also let you see your current target and your squadmates' shields. You can also cycle through targets, making your missiles track targets of opportunity.

What with the dearth of space sim game nowadays, this free full shooter sim game should more than satisfy Wing Commander and Freelancer fans out there.

Download this free full shooter sim game from HERE.

The official site of Starwraith 3D Games can be found HERE.

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