Monday, July 20, 2009

Nvidia GeForce ION Graphic Driver 190.38 (Beta)

Well it's been a while since I updated my video card graphic driver. I surfed my favorite sites today and learned from Tweakguides that GeForce ION graphic driver version 190.38 is now out. The download weighs a hefty 81.8Mb (compare this to the streamlined Dox Optimised drivers and the image quality-tweaked Nvidia graphic drivers from Tweakforce, which weigh only 20 or so megabytes).

Some of the release highlights of GeForce ION graphic driver version 190.38:

  • Adds support for OpenGL 3.1
  • Adds support for CUDA 2.3 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications. See CUDA Zone for more details.
  • Adds a new user-controlled power management setting for GeForce 9-series and later graphics cards. This option allows users to set a performance level for each DirectX or OpenGL application.
  • Includes several new control panel features and numerous bug fixes.
According to Nvidia, this BETA driver supports GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, and 200-series desktop GPUs and ION GPUs.

The 190.38 epiphany

>>> Download GeForce ION graphic driver version 190.38

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