Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nvidia GeForce ION 190.38 Graphic Driver Video Card Benchmark Test Results

The Nvidia GeForce ION 190.38 graphic driver update, while enabling my Nvidia GeForce video card to render richer colors, falls flat in the FPS department. Video card benchmark tests show numbers that lagged behind the Nvidia GeForce ION 190.38 's predecessors. I've read the feedback of several users and more than a few of them expressed their disappointment with this one. Perhaps it's the new Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service that Nvidia has bundled with this graphic driver update.

(Tweakguides has provided steps on how to uninstall these however. It can be found here. Take note that it removes the game profiling feature that Nvidia GeForce users find so useful.)

I've also noticed that at its default setting, this driver has a slightly lower gamma level.

The color quality is nothing to be scoffed at however --- Aquasky's "Most Wanted" Tribes: Vengeance video never looked so good

>>>Nvidia GeForce ION 190.38 graphic driver video card benchmark test results