Friday, July 10, 2009

Free K-Lite Codec Pack Full Download Update Version 4.9.5

Compared to the awesome v4.8.5, this K-lite Codec Pack Full version doesn't bring a lot to the table. However, if you haven't updated in quite a long while, I suggest you go to the free K-Lite Codec Pack Full download page and get this update. Version 4.8.5 was a must-download and this one still has the same superior bass and treble separation that the former had.

And yep, as I've mentioned countless times before, K-Lite Codec Packs are free and downloadable.

"Tugsh Tugsh" just keeps getting better. And yes, that's indeed me and my PC setup. :D

This version's rating: 2 (rating system: 1 - no discernible changes; 2 - changes in audio but it could be just my imagination lol; 3 - distinctive changes; 4 - a must-download)

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