Friday, August 7, 2009

Complete Secret Files (Videos) of Area 51, the Downloadable PC Free FPS Multiplayer Shooter From Midway

A few days back, I posted my review of Area 51, one of the free best PC FPS downloadable freeware shooters. Produced by Midway, the same company that produced the Mortal Kombat series, the game has been recently released as freeware, touting high production values (to the delight of PC FPS fans). I played it, completed it, and found to my dismay that the game kindled the completist in me.

Thanks to a GameFAQs guide, I managed to unlock all of Area 51's secret files.

I think I played the game to death though. >)_)

Links to my review, the videos, and Area 51's download page after the jump.

This is the first of a series (click the "Video Response" on the video's YouTube page to watch its sequels). It's not complete, but I should be uploading the last of it in the next three days or so.

View the entire series by clicking on the video response on each Area 51 Secret File page. (Navigate to the YouTube page by double-clicking on the video above.)

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