Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where I Work: Comics! World of Warcraft Figurines!

Yesterday, the office suddenly turned into one awesome geek heaven-utopia.

Picture showing why after the jump.

One of the World of Warcraft figurines belongs to the MIS head. Our CEO---who also plays World of Warcraft---gave me the Alan Moore WildC.A.T.s volume. (Gewd loard! The twists at the climax! I wasn't able to sleep last night!)

And yes, yes, the author is THE Alan Moore, author of the Watchmen graphic novel. The "How to Draw and Sell Digital Cartoons" book is mine (hmm yes, sometimes I make digital art. Samples HERE and HERE). The Galaxy 9800 GT was bought by a Nathrezim who works in the office (he wanted a kick-behind, budget video card so I recommended a 9600 or a 9800).

So kids, what your parents say about video games is complete bull. Knock yourselves out and be a CEO/manager/MIS head one day. And own World of Warcraft figurines.