Thursday, August 20, 2009

Downloadable Full Version Freeware Turn-Based Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI July Development News

This downloadable full version freeware turn-based strategy game may be a WIP but nonetheless I'm actively following the development of UFO: Alien Invasion v2.3 --- being an X-Com inspired game, it hammers flat most of the retail games out there in the gameplay department.

The July progress report and what this X-Com-inspired free turn-based strategy game is all about after the jump.

It's been a while since I've made an article about the development of version 2.3 and for good reason; for several weeks, development builds of version 2.3 had had the "infamous 'harvester ramp' problem"; a bug they just recently fixed.

Some of the changes/tweaks/fixes:

  • Ufopedia UI improvements.
  • Lots of other UI improvements and fixes, including text scrolling fixes, base defence dialog improvements, more tooltips and production screen improvements.
  • Geoscape improvements and fixes, including autofire for defence weapons, target selection, base defence fixes, Moon displaying fixes, ammo assigning fixes, mail client fixes, transfer fixes and inventory fixes.
  • Updated and new textures and normalmaps.
  • More map prefabs split and sorted in subdirectories.
  • Key binding improvements.
  • Radiant prefab panel now has treeview according to directories.
  • Pathfinding fixes (including infamous "harvester ramp" problem fix and ceiling check fixes).
  • Fixes and updates to maps, including work on new aircraft.
  • New sounds.
  • AI fixes.

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