Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Downloadable PC Free FPS Multiplayer Shooters Updates - Full Version Games Warsow and Tremulous

Don't look now but two downloadable PC free FPS multiplayer shooter full version games are getting overhauls. Yes, no less than two games that you can download off the Internet legally and for free have powered up from slumber.

What these games are and where to get them after the jump.

Tremulous and Warsow are two downloadable PC free FPS multiplayer shooter full version games that have been around for sometime. However these games have lain dormant for the longest time that I have lost hope in seeing new full versions of these free PC FPS come out --- Warsow has been stuck at version 0.42 while Tremulous has seemingly been nailed to a bulkhead at version 1.1.0. Lately though, these games have shown signs of life with the Warsow site announcing that version 0.5 is coming and the Tremulous developers churning out updates about the game's servers and news about the development of version 1.2.

Warsow is a free PC FPS multiplayer shooter that sports cel-shaded stylized visuals and fast-paced
Quake 3 gameplay. It also features wall jumping akin to that of the recent Prince of Persia games, allowing for stunt shots and mid-air kills.

Tremulous is a team-based free PC FPS multiplayer shooter that pits two opposing sides---space marines and ravenous aliens---against each other. What sets Tremulous apart from most PC FPS is that it allows a limited form of basebuilding --- space marines can set up structures while aliens can spawn bioforms that are essential to spawning. Moreover, each side can upgrade over the course of a match. Space Marines can buy better gear and armament while aliens can evolve into bigger ones.

I will be posting my reviews of these two when their new versions come out.

A tyrant storms into a space marine base

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