Monday, March 10, 2008

The Doctor is in


Lineart scanned. Will be operating on it the next few days. It'll be slow --- about 30 minutes per day --- as work has been hell the past month.

It's pretty much devoid right now but I plan to make it more compact. I will also dirty up the background with textures, something I have never done before.

UPDATE: Gaaah. Work hectic. Videocard fried. Slooooow. Tsk. Progress report:

Made the crowd a bit bigger, resized the whole thing, (too much empty space in the first one) and pasted Winter's recommended text.

Of course, the text will be behind all the elements and some parts of it won't be seen. I'm quite excited about this and will be making faster progress now that the boring part is over. If budget allows, I may have to purchase a scanner, what with Netrix now closed. :(


Got a cleaner, more updated version here at home but in response to my wife's query about the color discord, I told her the background elements would be awashed in red with only the virus and the Taman face showing through:

Take note that there's no shading and light sources yet and as I said, this was just meant to illustrate what I'm gonna do with the background elements.