Thursday, March 27, 2008

Direction of this Blog

Can't sleep, brain is mush but here goes...

My articles about PC hardware

Readers of my former site may have been wondering what happened to the articles that I sometimes publish for PC greenhorns. Well, I still plan to make them. (Take note that my guides are in no way meant to replace ones that are more comprehensive than the ones offered in say, Tomshardware or HardwareSecrets. The articles I made were initially just for my friends, sort of guides for people who don't want to delve too much into the inner workings of the PC.) As of now, I am busy but I will produce ones in the weeks ahead as my officemates (and sometimes my very own self haha!) present questions to me. Better to publish and help more people than saying the same things over and over again, I always say.

I encourage you to visit:

However, for those who have their various reasons for not spending time to read the excellent, free guides offered there, don't fret, I'll soon be releasing more BEGINNERS' guides for understanding BASIC terms. (I know, some of you have families and some are so busy they view their PCs as merely tools to get their jobs done. I understand. I'm not and will not be forcing you to read gazillion-page treatises.)

War Rock Articles

Nope I have still not abandoned this game. Truth to tell though, I have started to enjoy Warcraft III: Frozen Throne after my video card broke down and I got lazy going to my friend's shop to order a new one. Sorry about that folks. I'll soon be running around like --- no wait, that's stupid Counter-Strike v15th Century --- I'll soon be creeping around like Solid Snake when I get my new card this 31st if all goes well. I'll be releasing more War Rock articles by then.

So to summarize, I'm not turning a new leaf, this site is still Fragfests and Imbas, Version 2.

Gottdamnit, I can't sleep.