Thursday, March 20, 2008

Night Elf is Weak in Tier 2 (T2)


Well it's not exactly period and I'm not exactly in the position to say that but one of my friends says that Nelf is good in t2. I find it otherwise. Night elves do not have good tanks/meat shields at the start of tier 2, having only dryads and druids. Druids of the Claws can't transform to bears yet at this stage and it's best to do hit-and-run tactics at this point in the game, with more parts running.

This is still subject of course to debate but in my opinion, as a non-pro player, I find it really hard in tier 2.

Mr. Quakers shares the same opinion:

A note about this post however: a lot of people, myself included, rarely use Night Elf Huntresses due to their paper-thin defenses. (And large model size?) So this is a point that is debatable too. I'm NOT saying he's wrong just that the prevalent preference of WC3 players deviate from the huntress build.

This post was taken from WCReplays while this article serves as a reminder for me to:

  • Harass like hell at tier 1
  • Run like hell at tier 2, but bleed the enemy at every chance
  • Tech to tier 3 asap and get bears or the cyclone skill.