Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cabal MMORPG Philippines

This one totally blindsided me.

I never expected this. About 1 year ago, my friends played the Beta version of Cabal, an MMORPG that had gorgeous graphics.

The game's engine was extremely light; my friends were playing on P4, 512-Mb systems that had only Radeon 9250s and yet were playing with lots of eye candy turned on --- even shadows!

Yet I was never one for MMOs, much less Beta versions and I just watched them play, all the while scorning the game (albeit the high-quality graphics for that time) and chiding them for playing another "grinder."

Weeks later, the game restricted several countries from joining. That was that. I made some sarcastic comments at my peers, they played other MMOs, I went back to leading guild wars with my Australian friends, and we forgot about all things Cabal.

I had a chat this evening with one of my cousins though --- and lo! --- he told me a Cabal Philippines version is coming!

Hmmm. This might be the first MMORPG I will play --- the reviews say it involves stringing combos! How cool can that be?! No mindless click-and-forget routines!

Here are some reviews about the free MMORPG: Cabal Online Cabal Online Cabal Online

Thanks to my cousin Listat for the news.