Sunday, March 30, 2008

HardwareSecrets Article: Generic vs "Branded" Power Supplies.

See end of article.

What's the difference? And is it worth the additional expense?

This is a question I have been mulling over for several months now regarding buying branded PSUs. Of course I could have asked this in forums but with an article, more knowledge could be gained.

Here's HardwareSecrets' "How Much Power Can a Generic 500 W Power Supply Really Deliver?"


HardwareSecrets has released a review of the Corsair VX450W power supply. While I previously didn't give a rat's behind about PSUs, the articles I have been writing for a client discussed the eco-friendly initiatives of several multinational companies and these have inspired me to look for ways to be more energy efficient at home.

Says Gabriel Torres of HardwareSecrets about the VX450W:

"Since it can maintain efficiency above 85% even though you will initially pay a higher price to bring this product home the savings you will have on you electricity bill will compensate the buy in just a few months, especially if you keep your computer turned on for several hours a day."

This further underscores the superiority of branded PSUs over "generic" ones.