Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wives and Gamers

There's this annoying habit of mine. I have a propensity for reacting belatedly. Like for example, my wife and I just had this leisurely walk talking about what we're gonna do tomorrow --- sex, stroll on the beach near my aunt's house, go reef snorkelling, watch VCDs, why I suck at Warcraft III, --- and then suddenly in the middle of it all, I just exclaimed "WTF?!!" My wife looked at me as though I had lost it. And rightly so, for the truth is, the source of my ire was what transpired two nights ago. It just sank in again, only this time, deeper.

Two nights ago, one of my friends and I had a match in a shooter game. Problem was his daughter kept vying for his attention. He got distracted all the time and lost all matches. Finally, he called for his wife to take care of the kid. His wife got inside the cafe, spouted some invectives, left the child with him and yelled "You better watch it you !#$!!!" or something to that effect if translated to English. My friend grumbled, sank his head lower and continued losing.


Here's a guy who doesn't go out and drink every night or go out clubbing. I visit their house just twice in a month for an hour of gaming with him for old time's sakes. And this is how she treats him.

No, I'm not gonna tell who this is because, sadly, he's just one of many. So far as this article is concerned he's an archetype. (Or if you want a Biblical reference, he is Legion.) I've had friends who got hitched and now they can't even go on YM.


Well, maybe they have extreme circumstances --- maybe they've got an ex who's stalking them, I don't know. But if they do, well that's ok. BUT if everything's normal and nothing is amiss, will you please let the LOVE OF YOUR LIVES play? We are just there for an hour, two tops. It's not we're dragging him to Hooters or anything.

We guys need to do something outside cuddling, whispering sweet nothings, giving monetary support, or "bringing home mammoth meat." We have HOBBIES too. Can't you get that?!

Me, I reef snorkel, I swim, I grew Bonsais for a time (No dice here, the owner of the complex won't permit plants nor pets.) , I paint, stare at sunsets, leap off from my mom's hometown's cliffs into pristine green waters for kicks, and I GAME.

I do not know what my friends do outside their jobs. Maybe they grow and breed Betta Splendens. Maybe they cook. Maybe they have a growing collection of dead bodies right under your backyard. I don't know but one thing's for sure, like me, they GAME.

Who are you to snuff that out? That's oppression. There's something really disturbing with parties and individuals who oppress. Luckily for the world, you're just a simple housewife and not some tyrannical dictator.

Is letting them unwind after a hard week's worth of work too much? Let them have a brief moment of catharsis.

And last but not the least, will you please not scream at him in front of his friends? You're making him look like a good-for-nothing loser --- which he's not. He's intelligent and quick-witted, unlike those llama-brained, life- and joy-killing household oppressors.

Yes, yell at him and beat him up if he screws up mega big time. God knows all couples have major fights. But please don't do because of little things like this. He's the father of your child and while he may have shortcomings, please give him at least a modicum of respect.

Oh and yes, it vexes me if you scream in front of us too. Tsk.