Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gamespot's - F.E.A.R. Project Origin Preview

F.E.A.R. Project Origin Preview

Gamespot has released a F.E.A.R. Project Origin preview and while I am excited about this sequel to one of the best PC first-person shooter games I've played, the sequel's color scheme has so far failed to impress me.

It is strange though, the screenshots in Gamespot's F.E.A.R. Project Origin preview display saturated colors while the color palette of the gameplay video is realistic. Odd.

The bullet ricochet sound from the first F.E.A.R. game is back. :D

One thing that bothers me is that the F.E.A.R. Project Origin preview reveals that Alma will rapidly age in the game. What?! No more apparitions of a sexy, skyclad female?

These really spoiled the game for me:

And I thought she was supposed to be emaciated?

I didn't know the "less is more" approach to horror games and movies could be applied to clothing. After this sighting, I didn't get scared anymore (and played F.E.A.R. more frequently...)

No, that's not Manson.

And oh, I finished the first F.E.A.R. game without using SloMo (bullet time) at Extreme Difficulty:

Ghostbusters skillz --- I has them.

1 point of damage lolz!