Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Ever Happened to Halo the Movie?

Halo the Movie

What with the deluge of (oftentimes horrible) movie adaptations of popular PC games like Hitman, Doom, and Resident Evil, one often wonders what happened to the one that would have trounced them all from here to Timbuktu: Halo the movie. A movie adaptation of Microsoft's wildly-popular PC first-person shooter game would be awesome to say the least.

Halo has been, for me, the only game that has struck a perfect balance between plot and gameplay what with the jaw-dropping revelation at the last part, the (then) impressive AI, and the amount of freedom the developers gave to the player. The game also implies a deeper background than what was presented in the single-player campaign, giving players the feel of being involved in an intergalactic war. Certainly, the atmosphere was so involving and tangible that you can almost feel the Covenant elites' steamy breath everytime they bellow "Wort wort wort!" at you, the genocidal filth.

After all has been said and what with the clamor of a million gamers worldwide to see their favorite game on the silver screen, the question still remains: what happened to Halo the movie?

David Konow and Rob Wright of Tom's Games give us details on what went wrong with Halo the movie. The details: HERE.

Here are also some resources about the topic:

Halo The Movie

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To be released 2009? We wish.


rhilanthos said...

WTF! It's Microsoft hubris that let the movie down (as expected). I was wondering privately when this might happen. Hoping that it didnt. Damnit! Hopes dashed. Hope that the Max Payne movie will be a suitable replacement for the lost Halo movie.

Shazbot said...

Actually, Halo the movie being stalled is old news. :D The Tom's Game article is a new one though. But ya, it's a shame. Let's cross our fingers that Hollywood and Microsoft will kiss and make up. >:)