Friday, September 5, 2008

Malware alert: MS Antivirus

Getting rid of MS Antivirus

A cousin of mine asked yesterday how he should go about doing the above. Why was he asking this?

It's malware.

This is probably the fourth time I heard of malware disguising as anti-malware. Getting rid of MS Antivirus should be a priority as it generates warnings that your computer has been "infected" with several computer viruses and that you should register (pay for) the product in order to successfully "remove" them.

Think of it as a deranged psychologist who, in order to get rid of your imaginary friends, prescribes an imaginary pill.

What is alarming is that the thing is popping up in Google AdWords. PC Mag covers this in greater detail.

Nth lesson in life: only download and use software from trusted sites. Getting rid of MS antivirus can be a hassle since I heard it can't be removed by AVG (I have yet to confirm what version of AVG; a lot of people still use ol' 7.5).

I made an article about the best free antivirus programs I use. The links found there lead to trusted sites.